May 22 2024

Jung Kyoung-Ho cast in MBC drama “Labor Attorney No Mu-Jin”

Jung Kyoung-Ho is cast in new MBC drama series “Labor Attorney No Mu-Jin.” The original screenplay is scripted by Kim Bo-Tong (“D.P.“) & Yoo Seung-Hee (“I Can Speak“) and will have well known movie director Yim Soonrye (“Forever the Moment“) directing her first drama series. Genre for the drama series will feature a mixture of fantasy, comedy, and drama. For Jung Kyoung-Ho, he will play main character No Mu-Jin. He works as a labor attorney, but he doesn’t have a sense of justice. No Mu-Jin somehow begins working on labor cases for ghosts.

”┬áLabor Attorney No Mu-Jin” will air sometime next year in South Korea.

Plot Synopsis by AsianWiki: No Mu-Jin (Jung Kyoung-Ho) is a labor attorney. He doesn’t have a sense of justice or social consciousness. His job is a just a way for him to make a living. While he is going after corruption in the labor field with a YouTuber, No Mu-Jin finds himself at the verge of death. Since then and to survive, No Mu-Jin solves labor problems requested by ghosts. As he works on these cases, he also grows as a person and a labor attorney.

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  1. andrew

    Excited to see Jung Kyung Ho in a new drama! His acting skills are always on point, and I’m sure he’ll nail the role of Labor Attorney No Mu Jin. Can’t wait for this drama to air!

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