April 26 2022

Jun Jong-Seo, Kim Ji-Hoon, & Park Yoo-Rim cast on movie “Ballerina.”

Jun Jong-Seo, Kim Ji-Hoon, & Park Yoo-Rim are cast for movie “Ballerina.” The film will be directed by Lee Chung-Hyeon, whom previously worked with Jun Jong-Seo in 2020 movie “The Call.” In “Ballerina,” Jun Jong-Seo will play former bodyguard Ok-Ju. She is asked by her ballerina friend played by Park Yoo-Rim to take revenge on a man played by Kim Ji-Hoon.

“Ballerina” will be released via Netflix sometime next year.

Plot Synopsis by AsianWiki: Ok-Ju (Jun Jong-Seo) used to work as a bodyguard. She excels in physical activities like martial arts, sword fighting, gunmanship, and motorcyle riding. Ok-Ju is friends with Min-Hee (Park Yoo-Rim), who is a ballerina. Min-Hee asks Ok-Ju for a favor. She wants Ok-Ju to take revenge on Pro Choi (Kim Ji-Hoon). Ok-Ju soon risks her life for Min-Hee.

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  1. Jonnathankoch

    Everytime i see them are the perfect couple and really so much interested to watch this drama because they are together in this drama

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