January 13 2021

First two teaser trailers for SBS drama “Penthouse 2”

First two teaser trailers added for SBS drama series “Penthouse 2” starring Lee Ji-Ah, Kim So-Yeon, & Eugene. The drama series is the second season for hit drama series “Penthouse,” which is planned to have three seasons. In the first teaser trailer narration goes (0:01) Uhm Ki-Joon “I feel like I met the other half of my soul,” (0:02) Kim So-Yeon “Oh Yoon-Hee,” (0:03) Eugene “Why are you so scared? Cheon So-Jin,” (0:18) Lee Ji-Ah “I haven’t started anything yet.”

“Penthouse 2” first airs February 19, 2021 (takes over SBS’ Friday and Saturday 10PM time slot after “Delayed Justice.”).

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