January 2 2020

First teaser trailer for SBS drama series “Alice”

First teaser trailer added for upcoming SBS drama series “Alice” starring Joo Won and Kim Hee-Seon. This is Joo Won’s first acting role since being discharged from the South Korean military on February 5, 2019. Captions in the teaser trailer appears around the 5 second mark with “Mother, who is the one and only mother in the world, died.” Captions around the 23 second mark states “Reunion of two people who transcends time and space.” Around the 25 second mark, Joo Won’s voice appears and he states “She told me that she is a time traveler mother.” At the 27 second mark, Kim Hee-Seon’s voice appears and she states “This is my fate which I made by choice.” She then states “Because you are my son.”

“Alice” will air sometime during the first half of this year in South Korea.

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