May 5 2021

First teaser trailer for MBC drama “Here’s My Plan”

First teaser trailer for MBC drama series “Here’s My Plan” starring Kim Hwan-Hee, Ryu Soo-Young, & Kim Do-Hoon. The literal title of the drama series is “Got A Goal.” Meanwhile, the first teaser trailer begins Kim Hwan-Hee stating “I’ve got a goal. It is something that no one should know about. It’s a perfect opportunity to make his life worse than anybody else. Above and below are teaser posters for the drama series.

“Here’s My Plan” first airs May 19, 2021 in South Korea.

Plot Synopsis by AsianWiki: A girl believes her whole life has been miserable. She dreams of revenge on people who are responsible for her misery.

Lee So-Hyun (Kim Hwan-Hee) is 19-years-old. She dropped out of high school and resorts to pickpocketing to support herself.

Lee Jae-Young (Ryu Soo-Young) runs a small chicken restaurant. He is warm-hearted and he often helps people in bad situations.

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