December 14 2015

First still images of Han Ye-Seul in JTBC drama series “Madame Antoine”

Here’s the first still images of Han Ye-Seul in upcoming JTBC drama series “Madame Antoine” also starring Sung-Joon.

The still images of Han Ye-Seul are from her first day of filming for the drama series which took place December 9, 2015. Her first scene filmed involved her character of Ko Hye-Rim waiting for somebody at a musical theater.

In drama series “Madame Antoine,” Han Ye-Seul plays fortune-teller Ko Hye-Rim. Her character is also known as “Madame Antoine” and she boldly claims to be spiritually connected to legendary French historical figure Marie Antoinete. Ko Hye-Rim does possess a keen sense for reading people which she uses to help others.

“Madame Antoine” first airs this January in South Korea.

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