September 5 2017

First still images of Go Ara in OCN drama series “Black”

Here’s the first two still images of Go Ara in upcoming OCN drama series “Black” co-starring Song Seung-Heon. In one of the still images, Go Ara as Kang Ha-Ram wears sunglasses even though it’s at night. She is able to see shadows of death and wears the sunglasses to avoid the shadows of death.

Ep.1 of “Black” is now set to air October 14, 2017 in South Korea.

3 Responses to “First still images of Go Ara in OCN drama series “Black””

  1. Ronelle

    Best series EVER. Want to see more shows with these main characters!!!

  2. Anne

    Both Ara and Seung Heuon aree good in black and nice chemistry.. bope to see more of them in starring roles.. goddluck to both… Anne

  3. Lula Williams

    I agree with Anne and Ron Ellen, these 2 chemistry reminds me of the thin man series. Myrna Loy and William Powell.

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