June 22 2017

First still images from drama series “Mojito”

Here’s the first still images from upcoming drama series “Mojito” starring Sung Joon, Lim Ji-Yeon, Baek Sung-Hyun and Kim Yoon-Hye. Filming for the drama series began this month and the exact date or network which will broadcast the series has yet to be decided. Filming will be completed prior to the series airing on TV. In the drama series, Sung Joon plays Chi Ji-Woo. He comes from a wealthy background and decides to open an afternoon cocktail bar. Lim Ji-Yeon will play So Joong-Hee. She comes from a poor background and works in the kitchen at a nightclub. The two characters meet and fall in love.

7 Responses to “First still images from drama series “Mojito””

  1. Jeggi

    When will this drama air ?? I am waiting to see sung joon shi ..

  2. Dee

    I can’t believe this… it’s been two years already

  3. anonymous person

    Well, it’s nearly 4 years right hmm….

  4. Tay SA

    So 2022 makes it what, 5 years in counting…
    The is not the only drama still pending…
    Same situation for “Four Men” with Park Had Jin…

  5. popicky

    @Tay SA actually this and Four Men had the footage that was filmed re-edited and released last year through Seezn as “The Magic” and “Human Clone: Genesis”. I don’t think they are subbed but you can watch them!

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