June 19 2019

First script reading for MBC drama series “Golden Garden”

First script reading for upcoming MBC drama series “Golden Garden” (literal title), starring Han Ji-Hye, Lee Sang-Woo, Oh Ji-Eun and Lee Tae-Sung, took place May, 2019 in South Korea. The first script reading took approximately 4 hours to complete. Main cast members that attended included Han Ji-Hye, Lee Sang-Woo, Oh Ji-Eun, Lee Tae-Sung, Cha Hwa-Yeon, Kim Yu-Seok, Jo Mi-Ryung, Jung Young-Joo, Kim Young-Ok, Jung Si-A, Moon Ji-Yoon & Yeon Jae-Hyeong.

“Golden Garden” first airs July 20, 2019 (takes over MBC’s Saturday 9PM time slot after “Different Dreams“).

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