March 4 2020

First script reading for KBS2 drama series “Friend Contract”

First script reading for KBS2 drama series “Friend Contract,” starring Lee Sin-Young, Shin Seung-Ho, and Kim So-Hye, took place January, 2020 at¬†KBS Annex¬†Broadcasting Station in Yeouido, South Korea. Attendees at the first script reading included Lee Sin-Young, Shin Seung-Ho, Kim So-Hye, Oh Hee-Joon, Min Do-Hee, Cho Yi-Hyun, Kim Won-Hae, Baek Ji-Won, Jang Hye-Jin, and Kim In-Kwon. Prior to the start of the first script reading, Director Yoo Young-Eun handed flowers to the cast and staff, while thanking them for joining the production. He also stated that he would do his best to make a good drama series.

“Friend Contract” will consist of 4 episodes and airs from April 6, 2020 in South Korea. The drama series is KBS2’s first Monday and Tuesday 10PM drama series since “The Tale of Nokdu,” which aired late last year.

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