September 18 2018

Cho Jung-Seok to make cameo appearance in tvN drama series “Familiar Wife”

Cho Jung-Seok is set to make a cameo appearance in currently airing tvN drama series “Familiar Wife” starring Ji Sung and Han Ji-Min. Above is still images of Cho Jung-Seok in his cameo appearance for the drama series. Cho Jung-Seok will play Chef Kang who is the first love of Seo Woo-Jin (Han Ji-Min). The character of Chef Kang is the same character that Cho Jung-Seok played in 2015 tvN drama series “Oh My Ghost.”

Cho Jung-Seok accepted the cameo appearance role due to his working relationship with screenwriter Yang Hee-Seung (screenwriter for “Familiar Wife” and “Oh My Ghost”) and actress Han Ji-Min. Cho Jung-Seok and Han Ji-Min worked together previously in 2014 movie “The Fatal Encounter.”


“Familiar Wife” only has 2 episodes left, so Cho Jung-Seok’s cameo appearance will take place in one of those episodes.

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