July 31 2020

Character teaser for tvN drama series “Stranger 2”

Character teaser added for tvN drama series “Stranger 2” starring Cho Seung-Woo and Bae Doo-Na. The character teaser shows briefly Cho Seung-Woo as Hwang Shi-Mok, Bae Doo-Na as Han Yeo-Jin, Jeon Hye-Jin as Choi Bit, Choi Moo-Sung as Woo Tae-Ha, Yoon Se-Ah as Lee Yeon-Jae, and Lee Joon-Hyuk as Seo Dong-Jae. At the 10 second mark of the character teaser a voice states “The one who wants silence. Everyone is an accomplice.”

“Stranger 2” is now set to air from August 15, 2020 in South Korea.

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