July 13 2017

Character posters for SBS drama series “Falsify”

Here’s 5 character posters for upcoming SBS drama series “Falsify” (literal title). The character posters are of Namgung Min, Yu Jun-Sang, Uhm Ji-Won, Moon Sung-Geun and Jeon Hye-Bin.

Namgung Min plays Han Moo-Young. He works as a reporter for a small newspaper. He is passionate about his job. The caption on his poster states “article was blocked, law was ruined, the roles of the game were all ruined. From now on I ill do it my own way.”

Yu Jun-Sang plays Lee Seok-Min. He works as a reporter for a large newspaper. About 5 years, he was involved in an incident which led to him being demoted. The department where he was demoted to has nothing to do with writing articles. The caption on his poster states “if you throw a small stone at them, you will get a rock. You don’t know where the case ends.”

Uhm Ji-Won plays Kwon So-Ra. She ia an ambitious prosecutor. The caption on her poster states “I think you are a sycophant who obscures the essence of the case.”

“Falsify” first airs July 24, 2017 in South Korea.




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