March 24 2021

Air date set for JTBC drama “Monthly House”

Upcoming JTBC drama series “Monthly House” (literal title), starring Jung So-Min & Kim Ji-Suk, is now set to air from June, 2021 in South Korea. The drama series will slot into JTBC’s Wednesday and Thursday 9PM time frame after the conclusion of “Law School.” Meanwhile, above is a promotional photo of Jung So-Min & Kim Ji-Suk, while they take a break from filming the drama series.

Plot Synopsis by AsianWiki: Na Young-Won (Jung So-Min) is the editor of Monthly House magazine. She has worked for 10 years, but she still does not own her own home. She currently lives in a monthly rental house. Nevertheless, Na Young-Won takes care of her rental place like it belongs to her. Her home reflects her personality and emotions. Things change when the new owner of her house, Yoo Ja-Sung (Kim Ji-Suk), appears in front of her. She then becomes interested in buying her own home.

Yoo Ja-Sung is the CEO of Monthly House magazine. To him, the house is just a means to increase his assets and a place to sleep. He grew up poor and he thought the only way to become rich was through real estate. While working at construction sites as a laborer, he began to study real estate investments by himself at night. He is now wealthy, because of his real estate investments. He is also famous as an investment expert. He meets Na Young-Won.

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