April 19 2024

Yuya Yagira & Yuina Kuroshima cast in movie “Arata Natsume Getting Married”

Yuya Yagira and Yuina Kuroshima are cast in movie “Arata Natsume Getting Married.” The film is based on manga series “Natsume Arata no Kekkon” by Taro Nogizaka¬†and directed by Yukihiko Tsutsumi (“Sanada 10 Braves“). Meanwhile, the first teaser trailer and teaser poster has been added on AsianWiki. The teaser trailer starts with Yuya Yagira as Arata Natsume staring through the glass in a prison visitation room and proposing to serial killer Shinju Shinagawa played by Yuina Kuroshima.

“Arata Natsume Getting Married” will be released September 6, 2024 in Japan.

Plot Synopsis by AsianWiki: Arata Natsume (Yuya Yagira) is a former yankee, who now works as an employee at a child guidance center. One of the children under his care is a boy whose father was murdered by Shinju Shinagawa (Yuina Kuroshima). Shinju Shinagawa committed a series of murders and she is known as “Pierrot Shinagawa.” She was sentenced to death for her crimes and, at the age of 22, awaits her punishment on death row. The head of the boy’s father was never found, so the boy has exchanged letters with Shinju Shinagawa by using Arata Natsume’s name as the pen name. The latest letter from Shinju Shinagawa asks to see Arata Natsume in person. The boy comes to Arata Natsume and asks him to meet Shinju Shinagawa in prison. Arata Natsume decides to grant the boy’s wish and goes to meet her in prison, but he unexpectedly proposes to her to get married in prison. Arata Natsume begins to dig up the truth of the case.

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