August 18 2020

Trailer & supporting cast for movie “Child of the Stars”

Trailer added for movie “Child of the Stars” starring Mana Ashida. In addition, supporting cast members has been announced for the film. The newly announced cast members are Masaki OkadaKohei OtomoKengo KoraHaru KurokiAju Makita, and Ninon. For Masaki Okada, he play Teacher Minami. He works at the school where 15-year-old Chihiro (Mana Ashida) attends. Chihiro falls in love with him at first sight and he later has an important impact on her fate.

“Child of the Stars” is now scheduled for release October 9, 2020 in Japan.

Plot Synopsis by AsianWiki: When Chihiro (Mana Ashida) was a baby, she suffered from eczema. Her parents tried to find a cure, but nothing worked. Her father’s co-worker then gave him some water from a strange religious group. Chihiro was miraculously cured by the water. Her parents began to follow the strange religion and became fervent followers. Chihiro is now in the 3rd grade of middle school and she faces changes in her life.

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