July 28 2021

Trailer & poster for movie “Hiraite”

Trailer and poster added for movie “Hiraite” starring Anna Yamada & Ryuto Sakuma. Movie is based based on 2012 novel “Hiraite” by Risa Wataya (“Tremble All You Want“) and directed by Rin Shuto (“Nacchan wa mada Shinjuku“). Meanwhile, the movie’s theme song has been revealed as “Hiraite” by singer-songwriter Seiko Oomori. Theme song “Hiraite” is played in the main trailer.

Release date for “Hiraite” is now set for October 22, 2021 in Japan.

Plot Synopsis by AsianWiki: Ai (Anna Yamada) is a 3rd grade high school student. She is popular among students and she is also a honor student. She has a crush on her classmate Tatoe, who seems unnoticeable in the classroom. Since the 1st grade of high school, Ai has been attracted to him, with his mysterious aspect and smartness. One day, Ai happens to see Tatoe reading a letter. The sender of the letter is Miyuki, who suffers from diabetes. Ai knows that Tatoe and Miyuki are in a secret romantic relationship. Hiding her crush on Tatoe, Ai approaches Miyuki.

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