April 20 2021

Trailer for movie “Character”

Trailer added for movie “Character” starring Masaki Suda, Fukase, & Shun Oguri. The theme song for the movie has been revealed, which is “Character” by ACA-Ne and Rinne. The track “Character” appears in the trailer.

“Character” will be released June 11, 2021 in Japan.

Plot Synopsis by AsianWiki: Keigo Yamashiro (Masaki Suda) aspires to become a popular manga writer. He has a natural gift for drawing, but, due to his nice personality, he has problems creating villain characters. Because of this, Keigo Yamashiro seems stuck as a manga writer’s assistant. Following a request by his manga master, Keigo Yamashiro visits a home to sketch a happy family. There, Keigo Yamashiro discovers four dead members of the family and an unknown man.

Keigo Yamashiro lies to the police that he did not see the murderer. He then begins to draw the murderer as a villain in his manga “34.” The manga is a hit and Keigo Yamashiro achieves popularity as a manga writer. Meanwhile, cases similar to incidents found in his 34 manga occur in real life. The murderer then appears in front of Keigo Yamashiro.

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