February 27 2024

Trailer and poster for movie “Gobangiri”

Trailer and poster added for movie “Gobangiri” starring Tsuyoshi Kusanagi and Kaya Kiyohara. The film is set during the Edo period and follows former samurai Kakunoshin Yanagida (Tsuyoshi Kusanagi), who now lives in poverty with his daughter Kinu (Kaya Kiyohara). When he finds out the truth behind his wife’s death, he decides to take revenge. Movie is directed by Kazuya Shiraishi (“The Devil’s Path“).

“Gobangiri” will be released May 17, 2024 in Japan.

Plot Synopsis by AsianWiki: Kakunoshin Yanagida (Tsuyoshi Kusanagi) was a samurai, but he was forced out of the Han due to a false accusation. He then lived in poverty with his daughter Kinu (Kaya Kiyohara). Despite being poor, he never gave up his pride and honor that he held as a samurai. Even when playing the board game Go, which is his hobby, he always plays in a fair manner. Because of a case, the truth behind the false accusation is revealed. Kakunoshin Yanagida is shaken and filled with rage. He decides to take revenge, even if it means he will be torn from his daughter.

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