April 29 2022

Teaser trailer & poster for movie “Sore ga Iru Mori”

Teaser trailer and poster added for horror film “Sore ga Iru Mori” starring Masaki Aiba. Movie is directed by Hideo Nakata (“Sadako“). In addition, the first group of supporting cast members have been announced for the film and they are Honoka Matsumoto, Kenshin Uehara, & Noriko Eguchi. The teaser trailer begins with captions that state “One day, met Kuma-san in the forest.” The screenplay is set in a forest that is known for having supernatural phenomena.

“Sore ga Iru Mori” will be released September 30, 2022 in Japan.

Plot Synopsis by AsianWiki: There are many mysterious and strange phenomenons taking place in a forest. People, including Junichi Tanaka (Masaki Aiba), witness the unidentifiable “it” and experience unknown fear.

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