April 18 2024

Teaser trailer & poster for movie “Honeko Akabane’s Bodyguards”

Teaser trailer and poster added for live-action film “Honeko Akabane’s Bodyguards” starring Raul and Natsuki Deguchi. Movie is based on manga series “Akabane Honeko no Bodyguard” by Masamitsu Nigatsu and directed by Junichi Ishikawa. Lead female actress Natsuki Deguchi and supporting actors Daiken Okudaira and Hikaru Takahashi were announced today as appearing in the film. Character posters of Natsuki Deguchi as Honeko Akabane, Daiken Okudaira as Sumihiko Somejima, and Hikaru Takahashi as Nei Togeya are below.

“Honeko Akabane’s Bodyguards” will be released August 2, 2024 in Japan.

Plot Synopsis by AsianWiki: Arakuni Ibuki (Raul) is a high school student who is far from a model student. He has a childhood friend, Honeko Akabane (Natsuki Deguchi), who attends the same high school as Arakuni Ibuki.

One day, a yakuza boss appears in front of Arakuni Ibuki and tells him that Honeko Akabane is his secret daughter. Due to conflicts within the yakuza, Honeko Akabane’s life is in danger. A bounty of 10 billion yen has been offered to the person who kills her. The yakuza boss asks Arakuni Ibuki to protect his daughter without her knowing. Arakuni Ibuki becomes Honeko Akabane’s bodyguard and struggles to protect her.

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