November 8 2019

Teaser trailer for movie “Mask Ward”

Teaser trailer added for movie “Mask Ward” (literal title) starring Kentaro Sakaguchi & Mei Nagano. Movie is based on 2014 novel “Kamen Byoto” by Mikito Chinen and directed by Hisashi Kimura (“Ninkyo Gakuen“). In addition four new supporting cast members has been announced for the film: Rio Uchida, Noriko Eguchi, Ryohei Otani, and Masanobu Takashima.  Rio Uchida and Noriko Eguchi will play nurses at the nursing hospital where a masked intruder takes them hostage. Ryohei Otani will play Doctor Tsukasa Kosakai and Masanobu Takashima will play Hospital Director Tadokoro.

“Mask Ward” will be released March 6, 2020 in Japan.

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