May 21 2020

Teaser poster & supporting cast for movie “Wish”

Teaser poster and supporting cast members added for movie “Wish” starring Shinichi Tsutsumi and Yuriko Ishida. The film is based on 2016 novel “Nozomi” by Shusuke Shizukui (“Killing For The Prosecution“) and directed by Yukihiko Tsutsumi (“SPEC: Heaven“). Newly announced supporting cast members for the film are Kenshi OkadaKaya Kiyohara,  Masaya KatoShota MatsudaYoshie Ichige and Raita Ryu. Caption on the teaser poster asks “Is our beloved son a murderer or a victim?”

Out of the new supporting cast members, Kenshi Okada will play the son Tadashi Ishikawa and Kaya Kiyohara will play his sister Miyabi Ishikawa. Masaya Kato will play Detective Teranuma and Shota Matsuda will play Reporter Naito. Yoshio Ichige will play Fumiko, who is the grandmother. Lastly, Raita Ryu will play Takayama, who is the CEO of a construction company.

“Wish” will be released sometime this October in Japan.

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