June 29 2021

Teaser poster & release date for movie “Riverside Mukolitta”

Teaser poster and November 3, 2021 set for movie “Riverside Mukolitta” starring Kenichi Matsuyama & Tsuyoshi Muro. Caption on the teaser poster states “They are neither friends or family, but not lonely.” Movie is based on 2019 novel “Kawapperi Mukolitta” by Naoko Ogigami and also directed by him.

Plot Synopsis by AsianWiki: Takeshi (Kenichi Matsuyama) arrives in a small village in the Hokuriku region. There, he begins to work at a small factory which makes shiokara (salted fish paste). Through the introduction of the CEO of the factory, he begins to live in at an old and cheap apartment building. One day, his apartment building neighbor Kozo (Tsuyoshi Muro) visits Takeshi and asks to take a bath in his bathroom. Since then, Takeshi begins to make relations with the residents at the apartment building and he becomes friends with Kozo. Later, Kozo learns the secret on why Takeshi came to the village.

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