October 27 2022

Takumi Saito & Shuri cast in movie “Reiraku”

Takumi Saito & Shuri are cast for lead roles in live-action film “Reiraku.” The movie is based on manga series “Reiraku” by Inio Asano (“Solanin“) and directed by veteran actor Naoto Takenaka. Actress Megumi is also cast in a supporting role. The film follows the relationship between a manga artist (Takumi Saito) and a prostitute (Shuri).

“Reiraku” will be released March 17, 2023 in Japan.

Plot Synopsis by AsianWiki: Kaoru Fukazawa (Takumi Saito) is a manga artist. His manga series was published for 8 years, but has now finished. He doesn’t have any ideas for his next work. His situation seems bleak, with his editor seeming to not care about him anymore and his relationship with his wife Nozomi Machida (Megumi) being troubled. He spends his days in despair and darkness. Kaoru Fukazawa visits a business that provides sexual services and meets prostitute Chifuyu (Shuri). He becomes attracted to Chifuyu. They decide to head to Chifuyu’s hometown together.

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