September 11 2023

Ryosuke Yamada &Minami Hamabe cast in movie “Silent Love”

Ryosuke Yamada and Minami Hamabe are cast in movie “Silent Love.” The romance film is written and directed by Eiji Uchida (“Lowlife Love“). The film follows the bond between a young man who has stopped speaking completely and a young woman who lost her vision due to an accident. The first teaser trailer for the movie can also be viewed on AsianWiki.

“Silent Love” will be released January, 2024 in Japan.

Plot Synopsis by AsianWiki: Aoi (Ryosuke Yamada) is a young man without a dream or hope in his life. An accident led him to stop speaking completely. One day, he happens to meet Mika (Minami Hamabe). She is a music student and wants to become a pianist. Due to an accident, she lost sight in her eyes. Aoi is attracted to her and tries to protect her from any dangerous situations. He conveys his feelings to her through the light touch of his index finger or the sound of a small bell. His basic, but genuine gesture changes her. With Aoi, she see is able to see hope through the despair, but something happens to them.

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