December 8 2023

Ryo Narita, Yudai Chiba, & Kwon Eun-Bi cast in movie “Stolen Identity 3”

Ryo Narita, Yudai Chiba, & Kwon Eun-Bi are cast in movie “Stolen Identity 3.” The film is the third installment of “the Stolen Identity” films following 2018 movie “Stolen Identity” and 2020 movie “Stolen Identity 2.” The films are based on 2017 novel “Sumaho o Otoshita dake ” by¬†Akira Shiga. While Ryo Narita and Yudai Chiba will reprise their roles of Yoshiharu Urano and Manabu Kagaya in “Stolen Identity 3,” South Korean Kwon Eun-Bi is cast for her feature film role. Kwon Eun-Bi is a former member of idol group IZ*ONE. For the movie, Kwon Eun-Bi will play mysterious woman Soo-Min.

“Stolen Identity 3” will be released sometime next year in South Korea.

Plot Synopsis by AsianWiki: A series of murder cases takes place that targets only women with long, dark hair. The victims accidentally lose their smartphones and their personal information are stolen by the perpetrator prior to their murders.

Yoshiharu Urano (Ryo Narita) is a genius hacker and a serial killer. He was caught by Detective Manabu Kagaya (Yudai Chiba) and is now in prison. Yoshiharu Urano plans a cyber attack in prison and he disappears during the chaotic situation. Where did Yoshiharu Urano go? After that, peaceful days occurs, but large scale cyber terror attacks are targeted at the Japanese government. The attacks originate from Seoul, South Korea. Are the cyber attacks committed by Yoshiharu Urano and who is the mysterious long dark hair woman Soo-Min (Kwon Eun-Bi)?

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