October 7 2020

Rena Takeda cast in movie “Shin Samejima Jiken”

Rena Takeda
┬áis cast in movie “Shin Samejima Jiken.” The film is written and directed by Jiro Nagae (“Liar! Uncover the Truth“). In addition, the first teaser trailer and a still image of Rena Takeda in the movie has been released.

“Shin Samejima Jiken” will be released November 27, 2020 in Japan.

Plot Synopsis by AsianWiki: Nana (Rena Takeda) and her friends from her high school days decide to hold an online meeting, but Ayumi does not appear at the meeting. Suddenly, Ayumi’s boyfriend appears on the computer screen and shouts “Are you the ones who went there with her? Because of you, Ayumi …” He then shows Ayumi in her room, dead.

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