June 28 2022

Poster and trailer for movie “The Fish Tale”

Poster and trailer added for movie “The Fish Tale” starring Non, Yuya Yagira, & Kaho. The movie is based on autobiography “Sakana Kun No Ichi Sakana Ichi Kai: Mainichi Muchuna Jinsei” by Sakana-kun and directed by Shuichi Okita (“The Chef of South Polar“). Meanwhile, the movie’s theme song has been announced as “Yume no Hanashi” by pop-rock-dance group CHAI. The theme song “Yume no Hanashi” also plays during the trailer.

“The Fish Tale” will be released September 1, 2022 in Japan.

Plot Synopsis by AsianWiki: Elementary school student Mibou’s daily revolves around his love for fish. He looks at fish every day, draws them every day, and eats them every day. His father is worried about Mibou, because he seems different from other kids. His mother in contrast watches him warmly and supports him. Even after Mibou becomes a high school student, he still only thinks about fish. He is also on good terms with a neighborhood thug and gets attention from people.

Soon, Mibou begins to live alone. He meets many different people and somehow gets affection from them. He also takes the only path he can go.

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