July 22 2020

Non and Kento Hayashi cast in movie “Stop Me” (literal title).

Actress Non and actor Kento Hayashi are cast for lead roles in movie “Stop Me” (literal title). The film is based on 2017 novel “Watashi o Kuitomete” by¬†Risa Wataya (“Tremble All You Want“) and directed by Akiko Ohku (“Tremble All You Want“).

“Stop Me” will be released sometime this winter in Japan.

Plot Synopsis by AsianWiki: Mitsuko Kuroda (Non) is 31-years-old and single. She enjoys her life as a single woman. A big reason why she enjoys her single life is that she has counsellor “A” in her mind, which is her other self. Whenever she does not know what do, “A” gives her the right answers. She believes her happy and peaceful single life with “A” will continue, but she falls in love with Tada-kun (Kento Hayashi). He is a salesperson and younger than her.

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