October 21 2020

Main trailer for movie “Angry Rice Wives”

Main trailer added for movie “Angry Rice Wives” starring Mao Inoue. Movie is set in the year 1918 during the “Rice Riots,” which was a serious of real life incidents that took place in Japan during that time. Meanwhile, the movie’s theme song has been announced which is “Ai o Komete” by pop rock band Kome Kome Club. The theme song also appears in the main trailer.

“Angry Rice Wives” will be released January 8, 2021 in Japan.

Plot Synopsis by AsianWiki: In August, 1918, Ito (Mao Inoue) lives in a coastal village of Toyama with her husband and 3 children. During the summer, there wasn’t much fish to catch, so her husband has been far away from home to catch fish. To support herself and her children, Ito carries goods from ships like the other women in the village. Meanwhile, the residents encounter rising prices for rice. The women are unable to feed their family due to the high prices of rice. The women ask a nearby rice store to sell rice at lower prices, but it fails. The price of rice continues to rise daily. Due to an incident, Ito and the other village women step up to the plate.

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