February 9 2021

Kyoko Yoshine cast in movie “Arc”

Kyoko Yoshine is cast the lead role in sci-fi film “Arc.” The film is based on  short story “Arc” by Ken Liu & directed by Kei Ishikawa (“Gukoroku: Traces of Sin“). Kyoko Yoshine will play a woman from the age of 17 to over 100. She was the recipient of a technology that allowed her to become immortal. Also cast in the film are Shinobu TerajimaMasaki OkadaKurumi ShimizuKai InowakiTsubasa NakagawaYuri NakamuraChieko BaishoJun Fubuki and Kaoru Kobayashi.  The first teaser trailer for the film has been added at AsianWiki.

Filming for “Arc” began February, 2020 and finished March, 2020. Filming took place at Kagawa Prefecture in Japan. “Arc” will be released June 25, 2021 in Japan.

Plot Synopsis by AsianWiki: Set in the near future, Rina (Kyoko Yoshine) lives a wandering life and she meets Ema (Shinobu Terajima). Ema becomes a mentor for Rina and Rina begins to work for Ema. Her job is called body works, which is to plasticize dead bodies for people who lost loved ones. Meanwhile, Ema’s younger brother Amane (Masaki Okada) develops technology that is finally able to achieve immortality. Rina becomes the first recipient of the technology. She can now live forever, while having a 30-year-old appearance, but …

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