January 28 2021

Hiroshi Abe & Takumi Kitamura cast in movie “Tonbi”

Hiroshi Abe and Takumi Kitamura are cast in movie “Tonbi.” The film is based on 2008 novel “Tonbi” by Kiyoshi Shigematsu and directed by Takahisa Zeze. The novel was previously adapted into 2012 NHK drama special “Tonbi” starring Shinichi Tsutsumi & Sosuke Ikematsu and 2013 TBS drama series “Tonbi” starring Masaaki Uchino & Takeru Satoh. Filming for the movie version began November 14, 2020 and finished December 24, 2020. Shooting took place in Okayama, Hyogo, and Kanto region in Japan.

“Tonbi” will be released sometime during 2022 in Japan.

Plot Synopsis by AsianWiki: Yasuo (Hiroshi Abe) grew up as an orphan. He married a woman he loved and they had a son Akira (later played by Takumi Kitamura). Yasuo’s life seemed great at the time, but his life totally changed after his wife died in accident. Since that time, Yasuo, who never experienced parents’ love himself, has to raise his son Akira alone.

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