October 20 2020

Hidaka Ukisho & Sei Shiraishi cast in movie “Mune ga Narunoha Kimi no Sei”

Hidaka Ukisho (‘Bishounen’) and Sei Shiraishi are cast in live-action film “Mune ga Narunoha Kimi no Sei.” The film is based on manga series of same name by Risa Konno and first time feature film director Hiroto Takahashi. The script depicts a teen romance between Hayato Arima (Hidaka Ukisho) and Tsukasa Shinohara (Sei Shiraishi).

“Mune ga Narunoha Kimi no Sei” will be released sometime next year in Japan.

Plot Synopsis by AsianWiki: When Tsukasa (Sei Shiraishi) was a middle school student, she had a crush on transfer student Hayato (Hidaka Ukisho) and even confessed her feelings to him. She was turned down by Hayato. Now, Tsukasa and Hayato are classmates in high school. Hayato treats Tsukasa as just a friend, but Tsukasa still has feelings for him. Meanwhile, Hayato becomes attracted to Tsukasa.

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