March 26 2021

Haru Kuroki & Tasuku Emoto cast in movie “Teacher, Please Sit Next to Me”

Haru Kuroki and Tasuku Emoto are cast in movie “Teacher, Please Sit Next to Me” (literal title of “Sensei, Watashi no Tonari ni Suwatte Itadakemasenka”). The movie is written and directed by Takahiro Horie. The movie will have Haru Kuroki and Tasuku Emoto playing manga artists and husband and wife. The wife begins to write a new manga dealing with adultery.

“Teacher, Please Sit Next to Me” will be released September 10, 2021 in Japan.

Plot Synopsis by AsianWiki: Sawako (Haru Kuroki) works as a manga writer. Her husband of five years, Toshio (Tasuku Emoto) is also a manga writer. On a summer day, Sawako begins to write her new manga. The story for her new manga deals with adultery. The manga describes Toshio having an affair with her editor and Sawako having an affair with her driving instructor. Toshio reads Sawako’s manga with fear and jealousy.

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