October 31 2018

Character visuals for live-action film “Tonde Saitama”

Here’s character visuals (posters) of upcoming live-action film “Tonde Saitama” starring  Fumi Nikaido and Gackt. The character visuals are of Fumi Nikaido, Gackt, Yusuke Iseya and Masaki Kyomoto. Movie “Tonde Saitama” is based on manga “Tonde Saitama” by Mineo Maya and directed by Hideki Takeuchi.

The film has actress Fumi Nikaido playing male high school student Momomi Hakuhodo. He is the son of the Tokyo governor. Gakt plays mysterious male high school transfer student  Rei Asami. Yusuke Iseya plays Sho Akutsu. He is the leader of the Chiba Liberation Front. Lastly, Masaki Kyomoto plays Duke Saitama. He is a legendary figure of Saitama Prefecture.

“Tonde Saitama” will be released February 22, 2019 in Japan.

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