February 7 2024

Anne Watanabe is cast in movie “Kakushigoto”

Anne Watanabe is cast for the lead role in movie “Kakushigoto.” The film is based on 2011 novel “Uso” by Koji Kitakuni and directed by Kosai Sekine (“Kakushigoto“). Story for “Kakushigoto” is a human mystery tale with Anne Watanabe playing Chisako. She runs into a boy at night and sees that he has been physically abused. She takes him home and pretends to be his mother to keep him safe. The main trailer and poster has also been released for the film. The movie’s theme song of “Tears” by Hitsujibungaku is played during the trailer.

“Kakushigoto” will be released June 7, 2024 in Japan.

Plot Synopsis by AsianWiki: Chisako (Anne Watanabe) is a writer of picture books. She has a long standing conflict with her father Kozo (Eiji Okuda). Despite the cold relationship, she returns to her hometown to take care of her father who now has Alzheimer’s. One evening, she happens to help a boy (Toma Nakasu). The boy doesn’t remember who he is and Chisako finds marks of physical abuse on the boy. To protect the boy, she pretends that she is the boy’s mother and begins to live with him. While living together, they develop a real mother and son relationship, but their happiness doesn’t last long.

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