April 26 2022

Yuto Nakajima & Ai Yoshikawa cast in Fuji TV “Junai Dissonance”

Yuto Nakajima and Ai Yoshikawa are cast in Fuji TV drama series “Junai Dissonance.” The drama series features an original screenplay scripted by Shinya TamadaRieko Obayashi, & Yasuko Kuramitsu. The drama series will follow the relationship of Nitta Masaki (Yuto Nakajima) & Sae Izumi (Ai Yoshikawa), from when they are high school teacher and student to 5 years later when they meet again.

“Junai Dissonance” first airs July, 2022 in Japan (takes over Fuji TV’s Thursday 10 PM time slot after “Involvement in Family Affairs“).

Plot Synopsis by AsianWiki: Nitta Masaki (Yuto Nakajima) is about to start work as a music teacher at a high school. The high school has experienced turbulence due to the missing person case of the prior music teacher. On the night before Nitta Masaki’s first day of work, he visits the music classroom and plays the piano. There, he meets student Sae Izumi (Ai Yoshikawa). She is his student in homeroom class Through the missing person case, Nitta Masaki and Sae Izumi soon get closer to each other. Nitta Masaki doesn’t want to admit that his feelings for her has turned into love. Meanwhile, Sae Izumi has no doubt that her feelings for him is love. They then part ways.

5 years later, Nitta Masaki & Sae Izumi meet again. There doesn’t seem to be any obstacles in front of them to prevent their love, except for one thing. That is Nitta Masaki is a married man, who has a wife.

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  1. Jarvis Tyler

    This i think little sad drama . This looks very sad from reading this drama story because after they meet its really so upset but hope this drama will be so awesome waiting to watch.

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