June 28 2021

TV Tokyo drama “Helical Labyrinth” to air Oct. 2021

TV Tokyo live-action drama series “Helical Labyrinth,” starring Kei Tanaka & Ken Yasuda, is now scheduled to air from October, 2021. The drama was originally to air from April, 2020, but the Covid-19 outbreak caused filming to be postponed. Filming for the drama series resumed this month. “Helical Labyrinth” is based on manga series “Rasen no Meikyu: Idenshi Sosa” by¬†Midori Natsu.

Plot Synopsis by AsianWiki: Jin Jinbo (Kei Tanaka) is a DNA expert. He works as an associate professor of genome analysis laboratory at a medical school. A murder case takes place in Tokyo. The murderer left an ‘X’ mark on the dead body. Detective Genji Ando (Ken Yasuda) is excluded from the murder investigation, because of a high probability that his wife was murdered by the same person. The investigation headquarters secretly reaches out to Jin Jinbo for help.

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