November 12 2020

Toma Ikuta and Michiko Kichise cast in TV Asahi drama “Can’t Write!?”

Toma Ikuta and Michiko Kichise are cast in TV Asahi drama series “Can’t Write!?” (literal title). The duo will play husband and wife. Michiko Kichise will play Nami Yoshimaru, who is a best-selling writer. Toma Ikuta will play Keisuke Yoshimaru. He is a stay-at-home dad, but he tries to become a drama series screenwriter. This is the first time for Toma Ikuta to star in a TV Asahi drama series.

“Can’t Writer!?” will first air January, 2021 in Japan.

Plot Synopsis by AsianWiki: Keisuke Yoshimaru (Toma Ikuta) enjoyed watching drama series and wanted to become a screenwriter. He took part in contests to become a TV screenwriter, but he failed. Eventually, he gave up on his dream and began working at a real estate company. There, he met Nami (Michiko Kichise) as a client. She was a single mother and worked at at bookstore. They fell in love and married. Nami also wrote a novel that became a best seller. She is now a 39-year-old best-selling writer. Meanwhile, Keisuke won a contest to become a drama series screenwriter at the age of 32 and he quit his job at the real estate company. He is now 37-years-old, but he doesn’t have any projects to work on. He takes care of the kids and does housework. One day, Keisuke gets his big break. He gets the chance to write the screenplay for a prime time drama series after the main screenwriter quits. He is excited and begins work on the script. At first, Nami worries if Keisuke is able to write the screenplay, but she sees how hard he works and begins to support him.

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