December 8 2020

Teaser trailer & poster for NTV drama “Love You as the World Ends”

Teaser trailer and poster added for NTV drama series “Love You as the World Ends” starring Ryoma Takeuchi and Ayami Nakajo. The drama series features an original screenplay by Natsuko Ikeda. Ryoma Takeuchi plays Hibiki Mamiya. He gets caught in a tunnel that collapses and is able to escape 4 days later, but, when he gets out, that wold seems to have collapsed.

“Love You as the World Ends” will first air January 17, 2021 in Japan.

Plot Synopsis by AsianWiki: Hibiki Mamiya (Ryoma Takeuchi) is a sincere young man with a bright personality. He works as a car mechanic and lives with his girlfriend Kurumi Ogasawara. They have dated since they were high school students. Hibiki Mamiya makes a plan to propose to Kurumi Ogasawara. On the day he will propose to his girlfriend, he slides off a tunnel and becomes trapped. 4 days later, he is able to escape, but he faces a different world. There are no people outside, the traffic system is destroyed, and there are bloodstains on the streets. What happened to the world? Hibiki Mamiya tries to find Kurumi Ogasawara.

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