May 27 2022

Takuya Kusakawa & Sho Nishigaki cast in TV Tokyo drama “Wash My Heart”

Takuya Kusakawa (Bullet Train) and Sho Nishigaki are cast in TV Tokyo drama series “Wash My Heart.” The drama series is based on BL manga “Minato Shoji Coin Laundry” by Sawa Kanzume & Yuzu Tsubaki. In the drama series, Takuya Kusakawa will play a young man that operates a small laundry mat. Sho Nishigaki will play a high school student that comes to the laundry mat.

“Wash My Heart” first airs July 6, 2022 in Japan.

Plot Synopsis by AsianWiki: Akira Minato (Takuya Kusakawa) runs a small coin-operated laundry mat, which he took over from his grandfather. High school student Shinro Katsuki (Sho Nishigaki) comes to Akira Minato’s laundry mat as a customer. Despite age difference, they become friends. One day, Shinro Katsuki happens to learn that Akira Minato is gay.

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