February 28 2024

Takeru Satoh and Yu Miyazaki cast in Netflix drama “Glass Heart”

Takeru Satoh and Yu Miyazaki are cast in Netflix drama series “Glass Heart.” Also cast in the drama series are Keita Machida, Jun Shison, and Masaki Suda. The drama series is based on 2011 novel “Glass Heart” by Mio Wakagi. For “Glass Heart,” Takeru Satoh will play genius musician Naoki Fujitani. He scouts Akane Saijo (Yu Miyazaki) for his new band.

“Glass Heart” will be available to stream sometime next year.

Plot Synopsis by AsianWiki: Akane Saijo (Yu Miyazaki) is a university student and plays the drums in a band. Suddenly, she gets unfairly kicked out of the band. Genius musician Naoki Fujitani (Takeru Satoh) becomes aware of Akane Saijo and asks her to join his new band. The band members in his band includes guitarist Sho Takaoka (Keita Machida) and pianist Kazushi Sakamoto (Jun Shison). Meanwhile, there is a rival band that vocalist Toya Shinzaki (Masaki Suda) belongs to.

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