October 27 2020

Suzu Hirose cast in TV Asahi drama SP “Air Girl.”

Suzu Hirose is cast in TV Asahi drama special “Air Girl.” The 1 episode drama special is based on nonfiction novel “Nihon Koku Ikkisei” by Yoshie Nakamaru. The screenplay is set after World War II and follows the start of Japan’s civil aviation industry. For the drama special, Suzu Hirose will play Komari Sano. She applies to become one of the first cabin attendants.

“Air Girl” will air sometime during spring, 2021 in Japan.

Plot Synopsis by AsianWiki: Komari Sano’s (Suzu Hirose) parents ran a small Tokyo factory that manufactured aircraft parts. With her parents’ influence, Komari Sano dreamed of becoming a pilot. During World War II, her older brother died as a kamikaze pilot and her parents died during the bombing of Tokyo. Komari Sano became an orphan and lived with her aunt. Her aunt ran a ryotei (high end traditional restaurant).

After the war, all aerial activities were initially banned in Japan. After long negotiations with the Supreme Commander of the Allied Powers, Sizuo Matsuki, who is the security chief of Civil Aviation Bureau, finally launched Japan’s civil aviation. Komari Sano applies for the position of a cabin attendant.

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