January 19 2022

Shotaro Mamiya cast in Fuji TV drama “Nanba MG5”

Shotaro Mamiya is cast in Fuji TV live-action drama series “Nanba MG5.” The drama series is based on manga series “Nanba MG5” by Toshio Ozawa. In the drama series, Shotaro Mamiya will play Tsuyoshi Nanba. He is known as a delinquent and comes from a family of delinquents, but what he really wants is to become a good student.

“Nanba MG5” first airs April, 2022 in Japan.

Plot Synopsis by AsianWiki: Tsuyoshi Nanba (Shotaro Mamiya) is a troubled student, who is good at fighting. His delinquent behavior comes naturally to his family, which includes his parents and two siblings. When his parents were students, they were also trouble makers. Nevertheless, Tsuyoshi Nanba wants to become an ordinary student with good grades. He hides this desire from his family. After he enters high school, Tsuyoshi Nanba begins to lead two different lives. At school, he wears his uniform appropriately and behaves like a model student. At home, he dresses like a delinquent and behaves accordingly.

Tsuyoshi Nanba has now become a top student and has even joined the art club. One day, he sees a student being bullied by other students. Tsuyoshi Nanba changes out of his school uniform and dresses like he does at home. He saves the bullied student. Since then, students at his school talk about the mysterious delinquent student that saved a bullied student. Can Tsuyoshi Nanba maintain his secret ordinary student life?

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