October 21 2020

Serena Motola cast in TV Tokyo drama “Tokyo Design Story”

Serena Motola is cast for the lead role in TV Tokyo drama series “Tokyo Design Story” (“Tokyo Design ga Umareru Hi”). Also cast in the drama series are Megumi, Junpei Goto, Momo, Marika Ito, Iku Arai, and Yuya Nara. The drama series is scripted by Masashi Shimizu (“Otokomeshi“) and directed by Tetsuya Chihara. The drama series will follow Serena Motola as rookie designer Mutsumi Ono. She works for design company Lemon Design.

“Tokyo Design Story” will first air December 2, 2020 in Japan.

Plot Synopsis by AsianWiki: Mutsumi (Serena Motola) is a rookie designer and she is employed at small design company Lemon Design. She is busy with prep work for magazine shoots, like scouting locations and working with photographers. She has doubts about her work not being that of a designer. Tetsuko (Megumi) senses Mutsumi’s feelings. She tells Mutsumi that she is a salaryman. Mutsumi doesn’t understand why Tetsuko told her that.

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