February 29 2024

Ren Nagase & Yuka Itaya cast in TV Asahi drama “Tokyo Tower”

Ren Nagase and Yuka Itaya are cast in TV Asahi drama series “Tokyo Tower.” The drama series is based on 1999 novel “Tokyo Tower” by¬†Kaori Ekuni, which was previously made into 2005 movie “Tokyo Tower,” starring Junichi Okada & Hitomi Kuroki, and 2014 JTBC drama series “Secret Affair,” starring Kim Hee-Ae & Yoo Ah-In. For the 2024 version, Ren Nagase will play bored medical student Toru Kojima and Yuka Itaya will play architect Shifumi Asano. They meet and spend time together at her office.

“Tokyo Tower” first airs April 20, 2024 in Japan.

Plot Synopsis by AsianWiki: Toru Kojima (Ren Nagase) is a medical school student, but he is bored with his life that always seems the same. One day, he meets an architect, Shifumi Asano (Yuka Itaya), and he is invited to her office. He enjoys a pleasant time with her. They drink coffee and listen to music. At that time, he sees a black and white photo of the Tokyo Tower on her office wall. He asks her if she likes the Tokyo Tokyo and she replies that she does not because it looks lonely to her. Toru Kojima loves the time he spends with her. A couple of days later, he visits her office again and tells her that he wants to know more about her.

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