December 5 2023

Oji Suzuka and Maika Yamamoto cast in TV Tokyo drama “Yami Baito Kazoku”

Oji Suzuka and Maika Yamamoto are cast for lead roles in TV Tokyo drama series “Yami Baito Kazoku.” Also cast for the drama series are Ken Mitsuishi, Yumi Asou, & Toshiki Ayata. The screenplay will follow 5 five people from different age groups who applied for illegal part-time work. They are then blackmailed to act as a family to commit more crimes.

“Yami Baito Kazoku” will first air ¬†January 5, 2024 in Japan.

Plot Synopsis by AsianWiki: At an empty house in a quiet residential area, 5 people gather outside to break into the home. The five people are Tanaka (Oji Suzuka), Misaki Kubo (Maika Yamamoto), Kenzo Ogawa (Ken Mitsuishi), Kanae Hara (Yumi Asou) and Toru Kuribayashi (Toshiki Ayata) and they each applied for the same illegal part-time job. As they move about in confusion to get inside, they seem like amateur burglars. Their goal is to open a safe in the house, but it isn’t for them. As they get close to opening the safe, they then encounter a crisis. They all get into the van to flee from the area, but they hit a person. The group continue to leave the area after they hit the person. but a mysterious man witnesses these 5 people’s escape. The 5 people are then blackmailed to act like a family to commit more crimes.

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