December 11 2020

Nobuyuki Suzuki cast in TV Tokyo-Amazon Prime drama “A Bad Boy Drinks Tea!”

Nobuyuki Suzuki is cast in TV Tokyo-Amazon Prime live-action drama series “A Bad Boy Drinks Tea!” Also cast for supporting roles are Toshiki Seto , Minori Hagiwara and Rinka Kumada.  The drama series is based on manga series “Ocha ni Gosu” by Hiroyuki Nishimori (“From Today, It’s My Turn!!“). For the drama series, Nobuyuki Suzuki will play first year high school student Masaya Funabashi. He has an intimidating physical appearance and was notorious for fighting in his middle school days. He then gets recruited for the tea ceremony club at his high school.

“A Bad Boy Drinks Tea!” will consist of 12 episodes and will stream on Amazon Prime Video from March 5, 2021. The drama series will also air on TV Tokyo sometime next year.

Plot Synopsis by AsianWiki: When Masaya Funabashi (Nobuyuki Suzuki) was a middle school student, he had an intimidating appearance and could fight very well. Because of this, he was called “Devil.” After graduating from middle school, he decided to have peaceful days and stay away from violent school life. On his first day of high school, Masaya Funabashi is challenged to fight, but, thanks to his notorious reputation as “Devil,” he is able to avoid fighting. Meanwhile, seniors from different school clubs try to recruit new members for their respective clubs. All of these recruiters ignore Masaya Funabashi, except for Naomi Anesaki (Rinka Kumada). She is the leader of the tea ceremony club. Masaya Funabashi then decides to join the tea ceremony club. Due to his friendship with Wataru Yamada (Toshiki Seto), rookie member of the tea ceremony club Kaho Asakawa (Minori Hagiwara), and learning about tea ceremony, Masaya Funabashi slowly changes.

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