March 19 2021

Nao & Hayato Isomura cast in WOWOW drama “Enjiya”

Nao and Hayato Isomura are cast in WOWOW drama series “Enjiya.” The drama series is directed & scripted by Teruo Noguchi (“Love Bombs“). The screenplay will have Hayato Isomura play Tomoki. His life was ruined by a false sexual harassment accusation. Nao will play a woman named Aika. She is part of a hired staging event known as “enjiya.”

“Enjiya” first airs summer, 2021 in Japan.

 Plot Synopsis by AsianWiki: The day before Tomoki’s (Hayato Isomura) wedding day, he is falsely accused of sexual harassment. Due to the false accusation, he loses his job and his fiance leaves him. Tomoki decides to kill himself. While standing on the ledge of a rooftop building, he sees a woman running toward him and screaming. She is attacked by a man with a knife. Tomoki becomes involved and gets stabbed by the man, but it turns out the attack was a staged event and Tomoki was not really stabbed. Tomoki learns that the staged event is called “enijya,” which takes place upon a client’s request. This is the first time he hears of eniya. Tomoki decides to hire Aika (Nao) to take revenge on people who falsely accused him of sexual harassment.

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